White Lake

White Lake is a lake in the west of the Vologda Oblast of Russia. Since 1964 it has been part of the Sheksninsky reservoir, which is the part of the Volga-Baltic waterway. There is a bypass Belozersky Canal with a length of 67 km around the southwestern part of the lake. White Lake has a rounded shape; its shores are mostly flat, with no bays.

White Lake is located at the intersection of the main waterways of Russia and it is used by many ships, including those that go to St. Petersburg and the Solovetsky Islands, from Moscow and the Volga region. 2-deck ships can approach the Wharf of the city of Belozersk, where you can see the Kremlin, as well as the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral located in the city centre. In addition, the churches of the assumption, Elijah the Prophet, and the five-domed Church of the all-Merciful Saviour are preserved in Belozersk.

White Lake’s largest tributaries are the Kovzha (navigable river), the Kema and the Megra. The river Sheksna flows out.

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