Ladoga Lake

Lake Ladoga is the largest in Europe. Its area is 18.4 thousand square kilometers. Its depth in the Northern part is from 70 to 200 m, and in the southern part is from 20 to 70 m. The largest length of the lake from North to South is 219 km, and the width is about 80 km.

Many rivers flow into the lake; the largest of them are the Svir, Olonka and Volkhov. Only the Neva flows out of the lake. The Ladoga has about 600 Islands, mostly in the Northern part; the Valaam archipelago is the most famous.

The southern shores of Lake Ladoga are low and boggy, while the northern shores are rocky and steep. Ladoga granite and other types of building stone, which was used in particular during the construction of St. Petersburg, are mined there.

The most intensive navigation is carried out on the southern part of the lake from the Neva River to the Svir River. The Novoladozhsky canal, which is 169 km long, runs along the southern shore of Lake Ladoga. The Channel is used for the passage of river vessels that are not adapted to lake conditions.

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