We offer some of the most exciting river adventures in the world in Russia and Ukraine. There are destinations to explore, cultures to welcome you and fantastic natural beauty to behold.

Russia is a huge country with rich cultural traditions and a great history.

If you choose «The Imperial Russian waterways» cruise you will enjoy seeing the city of Uglich with its unique monasteries, Yaroslavl, the largest city of the Golden Ring of Russia, Goritsy with its monastery and museum exhibits, River Village Mandrogi, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the mysterious Kizhi island with its 22-head summer Transfiguration Church.

If you choose «The Great Volga» cruise you will enjoy seeing Volgograd with its monument-ensemble «Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad» on Mamaev Kurgan, a city with a thousand-year history, the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia – Yaroslavl and Kostroma and much more. Some of the cruises also visit the Russian «Caviar capital» Astrakhan.

If «Baltic to Caspian Sea» is your choice, the cruise combines our «Imperial Russian waterways» voyage with «Great Mother Volga» one, the difference is that «From Baltic to Caspian» does not have Moscow included into the itinerary; however the capital of Russia can always be visited by way of pre- or a post-cruise extension.

Ukraine, a colorful multinational country became unique because of a wide variety of traditions that have arisen from the mixing of different cultures

If you choose «Ukrainian waterways» cruise, which we offer in Ukraine, and you will enjoy seeing the capital Kyiv, the city of unprecedented beauty with grandiose architecture, land of the Cossacks on Khortytsya island, the «Ukrainian Venice» – Vilkovo, Odessa that is called «The Pearl of the Black Sea», Ukraine’s industrial capital Dnipro and much more.

Cruise leisurely through spectacular scenery and broaden your horizons during the trip.