Kyiv - Vilkovo - Odessa - Kyiv, 13 days

Ukraine is one of the largest and the most vibrant European countries. Cruising downstream the Dnieper, from Ukrainian capital, Kyiv to the Black Sea gives great opportunities for exploring ancient and legendary trade routes of this fine country. You will enjoy seeing the capital Kyiv, the city of unprecedented beauty with grandiose architecture, land of the Cossacks on Khortytsya island, the «Ukrainian Venice» – Vilkovo, Odessa that is called «The Pearl of the Black Sea», Ukraine’s industrial capital Dnipro and much more.

The tour will satisfy both first-timers and experienced travellers who will be able to enjoy the beauty of the passing by scenery, learn about the great history and great people, whose wisdom, goodness, and hospitality have already become a legend!

The vessel cruising on the route is Dnieper Princess.

Cruise shedule
Kyiv - Vilkovo - Odessa - Kyiv, 13 days
Kyiv - Vilkovo - Odessa - Kyiv, 13 days

Pre & Post cruise extensions

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