Saint Petersburg – Rostov, 20 days

The ship tours 17 federated states of Russia – these are the lands of Russians and Tatars, Ingermanlanders and Veps, Chuvash and Mordovians, Kalmyks and Cossacks.The itinerary takes you to the biggest Russian city through the «tribal lands» via its grand waterways with stops in the cities of more than 20 cultures! This journey provides you with boundless insight into the country’s cultural and historic treasures. The cruise combines our «Moscow – St. Petersburg» voyage with «Great Mother Volga» one, the difference is that «From Baltic to Caspian» does not have Moscow included into the itinerary; however the capital of Russia can always be visited by way of pre- or a post-cruise extension.

The vessels cruising on the route are Shevchenko, Ivan Bunin.

Cruise shedule
Saint Petersburg – Rostov, 20 days
Rostov-on-Don – St. Petersburg, 20 days

Pre & Post cruise extensions

Our company provides you with extra service as hotel and excursion reservation before and after the cruise.

We can book the best available hotels for you and recommend you the tourist excursions worth visiting within your staying in there. We are be pleased to assist you with more information, write us when booking a cruise to clarify the details. Let us make your whole journey perfect!