We present you the best cruises on the rivers of Russia and Ukraine.

The most popular Russian river cruise «Imperial Russian waterways» sailing between Saint Petersburg and Moscow is a wonderful chance to explore European Russia during an 11-day journey. Giving you more time to get acquainted with these magnificent cities the tour will take 3 days in both Russian capitals. The region between them is culturally rich, picturesque and absolutely worth visiting.

The Russian river cruise «Great Mother Volga» sailing the Central and the Southern Russia between Moscow and Rostov-on-Don covers vast territories of the Central and the Southern Russia with stops in the cities of more than 20 cultures! So, get ready to listen to exciting legends and informative stories while cruising the Great Mother Volga!

The Russian river cruise «Baltic to Caspian Sea» exploring Russia from the North to South between Rostov-on-Don and Saint Petersburg. This journey provides you with boundless insight into the country’s cultural and historic treasures. The cruise combines our «Moscow – St. Petersburg» voyage with «Great Mother Volga» one, the difference is that «From Baltic to Caspian» does not have Moscow included into the itinerary; however the capital of Russia can always be visited by way of pre- or a post-cruise extension.

The Ukrainian river cruise «Ukrainian waterways» cruising downstream the Dnieper, from Ukrainian capital, Kyiv to the Black Sea gives great opportunities for exploring ancient and legendary trade routes of this fine country Ukraine, one of the largest and the most vibrant European countries.