Zaporizhzhya (Zaporozhye)

The city of Zaporizhzhya is more than 200 years old. Zaporizhzhya is located about 600 km South-East of Kiev on both banks of the Dnieper River; the famous island of Khortytsia is situated between those banks – today it is a part of the city. It was founded during the times of the Russian Empire: the fortress Alexandrovskaya was erected in 1770 to protect the southern territories of the Russian Empire from invasions of the Crimean Tatars. Zaporizhzhya and its vicinities is the land of Cossacks: brave and skillful horseback warriors who ruled these regions from their stronghold, Zaporyzhyan Sich, that was first located on Khortytsia Island. Nowadays Zaporizhzhya is said to be the fourth largest industrial center in Ukraine. The economic potential of the city includes more than 280 industrial enterprises: machinery plants, metallurgy and metal processing, chemical and petrochemical industry, and food industry. Zaporizhzhya is also known for its Hydroelectric Station – the huge construction on the Dnieper River that is giving power to all industrial enterprises there. Zaporizhzhya claims to have the first steam mill in the country – in the times of the Russian Empire.