This unique small village on the Ukrainian-Romanian border really is a pearl of the pre-Danube lows. Located where the Danube meets the Black Sea, it is often called the ‘Ukrainian Venice’: nearly half of it stands on water. The land that holds houses and gardens appears to be numerous man-made islands. Instead of the ordinary street roads the blocks are separated by the water channels. The most common transport here is the local “gondola” built by skilled craftsmen. Not far from the settlement, on the coastline at the confluence of the Danube and the Black Sea there is “0 km” sign symbolizing the end of the mighty Danube and the beginning of the vast Black Sea. Vilkovo is known to be the town of fishermen and winemakers. The latter produce delicious house wine out of unique local grapes named ‘Novak’. Village of Vilkovo is famous all over Ukraine for its incredibly tasty strawberry: local gardens are normally fenced with two-meter (six and a half feet) cane on the three sides, with the fourth side covered by the Danube – thus ideal conditions for the accumulation of sunlight and heat are created, providing for best sweetness and aroma. Foods cultivated in Vilkovo are organic and ecological: only the sludge from the Danube is used for fertilizing.