River Village Mandrogi

The small mill town of Upper Mandrogi was settled in the 18th century on the banks of the Svir River. Today this river village, with its ginger-bread houses, is a living fairy tale. Destroyed during WWII, Mandrogi was restored to its former glory at the end of the 20th century. Today this cozy little toy-like village is a pearl! Modern Mandrogi is a unique complex of museums located between the Ladoga and Onega lakes. Each museum features a different aspect of Russian folk life. Each museum is located in a separate building decorated with traditional carving. Several little hotels and a good restaurant of Russian cuisine, called Gostiny Dvor, make Mandrogi a great holiday village. Passengers of cruise ships that shuttle between Moscow and St. Petersburg are frequent guests here. Ships’ stops last for quite a while, so everyone has enough time to wander along the cobbled streets of Mandrogi. The Museum of Russian Vodka is one of the most popular museums here. It contains a collection of approximately 3,000 different types of vodka brought from all over Russia. Vodka tasting is included with the entrance ticket. It also has displays showing guests the ways vodka is produced.