Plyos. It seems that time has no power over this small chamber town. The layout of the place did not have any major changes since the 18th century. The place is cozy and quiet, and people here lead the calm and steady life of the Russian province, just like a century ago. The tiny Plyos is one of the smallest towns in Russia. With a population of just 2,500 inhabitants, it has nine churches, five museums, a theater and a handful of multicolored wooden houses scattered across the wooded slopes of hills and ravines. The town is located on higher hills and the views are just fascinating – several famous Russian artists of the past often found inspiration here that further led to masterpieces. First of all, Plyos is closely connected with the name of famous artist Isaac Levitan, a classical Russian landscape painter who advanced the genre of the ‘mood landscape.’ The most famous mansion in Plyos is a house with a mezzanine on the Volga embankment which is the Levitan’s Museum today: the artist stayed in this house for three summers in 1888-1890 when he painted about 200 of his works in Plyos. These masterpieces are now displayed in the world’s best museums. There is also the Museum of Russian Landscape Art close by.