Thanks to its old romantic traditions, Odessa is considered to be one of the world’s most fascinating cities, and is a cultural capital of Ukraine. Odessa Opera House is certainly a center of city’s cultural life, and it is a perfect place to get acquainted with masterpieces by world renowned composers. Prices are incredibly affordable – but performances here are just fascinating! The architecture and construction of the building is unique: the distinctive acoustics of the horseshoe-designed hall allows performers to deliver even a whisper-low tone of voice from the stage to any part of the hall. Truly, a magical atmosphere reigns inside and outside the 19th-century building of the Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theatre! Odessa is also the Black Sea gateway to Ukraine. It is the country’s largest commercial Black Sea port and a large industrial city. The city is famous for its beaches. The Arkadia District of Odessa is the most popular among tourists: lots of very good restaurants are located there and entertainment is offered. Underneath the city there underlies a huge network of tunnels known as the Odessa Catacombs: these were used by Soviet Partisans during WWII, and by smugglers – once, quite a time ago, Odessa was known as a “capital of smugglers”.