Once there were two fortified settlements opposite each other on the left and right banks of the Dnieper River – they belonged to two different states and often confronted each other. In the course of time the two settlements have merged into one (within one state) and got united by a bridge. Modern bridge that is now connecting two parts of Kremenchuk is quite a technologically sophisticated structure. It has two levels: the lower one is for trains and the upper one is for motor transport. This bridge appears to be a part of two Ukrainian state routes, with more than 3,000 trucks crossing the bridge daily. The most amazing fact is that the modern construction is built on the supports of the old bridge of 1872. Since the middle of the 19th century Kremenchuk is known as the center of the tobacco producing industry in the region. During the Crimean War, Kremenchuk was a major shipbuilding powerhouse. KrAZ, a famous automotive plant that produces trucks and other special-purpose vehicles (particularly heavy-duty off-road and military models) is located here. The city was almost entirely ruined during WW II; therefore most buildings there belong to the Soviet era. The place itself is located in a very nice area of the Central Ukraine and is surrounded by beaches.