Kherson is located approximately 60 miles or little less than 100 kilometers from the Black Sea. The city was built in 1778 by the order of the Russian Empress Catherine the Great as a fortress where Cossacks fought against the Tatars and Turks. Shortly after Kherson became the first Russian Imperial naval base and shipyard on the Black Sea. Present day city is a large ship-building center as well. The name Kherson is a contraction of Chersonesos, an ancient Greek colony founded approximately 2500 years ago in the southwestern part of Crimea. One of the interesting facts is that the last tarpan (Eurasian wild horse, now extinct) was caught near Kherson in 1866. One of the main streets of the city – Ushakov Prospect – is not crossed by any other street: all the streets that ‘touch’ the Prospect, take their origin here and run eastwards or westwards. Kherson is a city of two ports, a river and a sea port, that’s why it is said that the place is connected with 42 countries of the world. Kherson stretches along the high right bank of the river Dnipro, this is the area where the Dnipro runs into many branches and forms many islands. Many local people have their dachas on these islands – lots of islands have already turned into holiday villages.