Kaniv (Kanev)

Kaniv is a historical town that was founded in the 11th century by the Kievan Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Picturesque and ancient, Kaniv was once one of the Kievan Rus’ largest cities. At that time, it was an outpost used for diplomatic meetings between Ruthenian (Roxolanian or Old Russian) princes and ambassadors of militant tribes. Later, in the 18th century, it became a popular destination for elderly Cossacks, who wanted to live out their days on the banks of the great Dnieper River, and on the Chernecha Mountain, where, according to a legend, a monastery stood in the past. This mountain remains one of Kaniv’s most important places, attracting thousands of tourists to the city. Today it is most famous as the burial place of the celebrated Ukrainian poet and painter Taras Shevchenko. This great man is considered a founder of modern Ukrainian literature. The impressive memorial complex dedicated to Taras Shevchenko has been constructed at his burial place – the poet’s museum, overlooking the Dnieper River, is also a part of it. Over time Kanev once was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania; a part of Poland. It belonged to the Russian Empire and it was a Soviet city. Kaniv has seen the Ottoman Turks and the Mongols… The modern Kaniv is also one of the main Ukrainian inland river ports on the Dnieper.