Dnipro City

This is the fourth largest city of Ukraine; it is smaller than Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa. Legends say that the Island of Monastyrskiy (Monastery Island) that today is a part of the Dnipro City was visited by Andrew the Apostle during his pilgrimage from the Crimea Peninsula to Rome. Also there are stories that this island was a sacral place for Zoroastr, who has secured some of his precious artifacts in the onsite rocks. In any case Dnipro City has deep and versatile historical background: these lands were once under control of many former states and ancient tribes. In 1776 Russian Empress Catherine the Great ordered to build a city named Ekaterinoslav there. Originally it was supposed to be the third capital of the Russian Empire: after Moscow and St. Petersburg. Modern Dnipro is a large city with a complex industrial heritage of the Soviet Era and a rapid pace of life. The city is home to “Yuzhmash” – a state-owned aerospace manufacturer. The Rocket Park is one of local attractions: it features Soviet-era rockets that were built at “Yuzhmash”. The city of Dnipro is rightfully called the cosmic capital of Ukraine. The Menorah Center that is said to be the largest multifunctional Jewish community center in Europe or even in the world is located in Dnipro City.