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Cruises in Russia and Ukraine
Volga, Dnieper and more rivers

Whatever your travel style may be: a bespoke, private or a group tour, we offer a variety of amazing options for you to enjoy your Russian or Ukranian cruise travel experience. Start by browsing the categories below or the Cruise Finder to discover your ultimate cruise Itinerary.
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Embarkation Port
Embarkation Port
Astrakhan, Russia
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Moscow, Russia
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
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Disembarkation Port
Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine
Moscow, Russia
Odessa, Ukraine
Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Kandinskiy Prestige
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We present you the best cruises on the rivers of Russia and Ukraine. River cruises are ideal for those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle of daily life in a pleasant atmosphere with friends and relatives, for those who want to be closer to the shores. Explore new horizons on breathtaking river cruises, start with browsing the categories below or the Trip Finder to choose the itinerary for you.


Choose the cruise line that's right for you! For travelers who enjoy the finer things in life, there's nothing more relaxing than a luxury river cruise. Let your worries melt away! A luxury river cruise by Volga river is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Imperial Russian Waterways

Our “Moscow – St. Petersburg” river cruise is a trip to Russia that you have dreamt of all your life. This cruise along the Imperial Waterways of Russia is the most popular one both with first-timers and experienced travelers – even with those who visited Russia many times. Itinerary includes several days in Moscow and St. Petersburg: feel free to explore these Imperial Russian capital cities while your cruise ship – your floating hotel – is docked! In addition you will visit picturesque and ancient Volga River cities of the ‘Golden Ring’ and mysterious Kizhi Island. Russian river cruise ‘Moscow – St. Petersburg’ is a great opportunity to discover European Russia in a fun and pleasant way. Both Moscow and St. Petersburg are Russian capitals, and the region between them is diverse and culturally rich. Our ship’s professional English-speaking guides have a lot of stories to tell about history, traditions and technological development in this part of the country. Visual illustrations to their stories are right outside your cruise ship’s panoram­ic windows! The magnificent Volga River is part of a remarkable system of natural and artificial waterways where ships travel from the Mediterranean to the Arctic. Thus, your cruise ship passes through 11 locks in waters that rise more than 112 meters above sea level! There are more wonders for you in this cruise along the Imperial Waterways of Russia: tours to the magnificent Hermitage and the majestic Kremlin are part of the program. The cruise program also includes Russian language lessons, dance lessons and sometimes cooking classes – not to mention city tours that are included in each port with a great variety of optional tours as well. Join us for a great and memorable cruise between Moscow and St. Petersburg by the Imperial Russian Waterways!

DAYS: 11
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The Trans-Russian: Baltic Sea to Caspian Sea Cruises

Many have done the Trans-Siberian travelling across Russia by train from West to East – but the crisscross Trans-Russian itineraries are yet to be discovered by many… Our exclusive river cruises from the Baltic Sea to the Caspian Sea start just 458 miles from the Arctic Circle and approach the Middle East within some 295 miles – this is the distance between the Caspian and the Lower Volga port of Astrakhan in Russia and the borderline with Georgia, the neighboring country. These impressive voyages cover nearly all of European Russia from North to South. The river cruise ship tours 17 federated states of Russia – these are the lands of Russians and Tatars, Ingermanlanders and Veps, Chuvash and Mordovians, Kalmyks and Cossacks. Indeed, itineraries of each one of our Trans-Russian River Cruises cross the ‘tribal lands’ with stops in the cities of more than 20 cultures! We will cross several sea-sized lakes and we will sail the artificial waterways with a system of locks allowing ships to actially climb up the hills! This cruise combines our ‘Moscow – St. Petersburg’ voyage with ‘Great Mother Volga’ one. The crucial difference is that a Trans-Russian River Cruise ‘From Baltic to Caspian’ does not have Moscow included into the itinerary; however the capital of Russia can always be visited by way of pre- or a post-cruise extension.

DAYS: 20
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Ukrainian Waterways & Cruising the Black Sea

Ukraine is one of the largest and the most vibrant European countries. Cruising downstream the Dnieper River from Ukrainian capital Kyiv (Kiev) to the Black Sea gives great opportunities for exploring ancient and legendary trade routes of this fine country. The Dnieper River is the fourth largest river in Europe and is the main waterway of Ukraine. Ports of call are large cities and small traditional villages, all rich in culture and history. Ukrainian Black Sea Port, the fabulous city of Odessa is often called the Black Sea Pearl. The fighting and riding skills of the Cossacks on Khortitsa Island, the magnificent Monastery of the Caves in Kyiv, and ballet in Odessa are just a few highlights of these voyages. The Danube Delta is one of the most incredible highlights of our Ukrainian cruises because of its unique wildlife and stunning nature. Our experience and horizons will be also widened when visiting the village of Vilkovo that really is the ‘Ukrainian Venice’ at the Danube Delta. Learn about the great history and great people, whose wisdom, goodness, and hospitality have already become a legend!

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River cruising is an increasingly-popular way to travel. Spending longer amounts of time in port and docking in the heart of major cities make river cruising an attractive alternative for travelers who are interested in destination-intensive cruising. We offer some of the most exciting river adventures in the world in Russia and Ukraine. Cruise leisurely through spectacular scenery and broaden your horizons during the trip.

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Savor a rich landscape of beauty and culture as you explore beautiful – the Volga, the Danube and the Dnieper. Discover the fortresses, grand cathedrals, modern cities, ancient villages and enjoy spectacular and ever-changing views of most enchanting, legendary and scenic waterways. The advantage of river cruises is the opportunity to savor the unique coastal landscapes throughout the journey.

The Dnieper river
The Dnieper is the fourth longest river in Europe after the Volga, the Danube and the Ural. Its length is 2285 km, its basin area is 504 thousand square kilometres, and it has the longest channel within Ukraine. The Dnieper passes through 3 countries: Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. The Dnieper comes from the Valdai Hills (at an altitude of 220 m), beyond Kherson the river divides into branches and forms a huge delta of 350 square meters, and carries its waters to the freshwater Dnieper-Bug estuary. Its depth is more than 12 meters. The Dnieper is divided into three parts: the upper Dnieper, from the source to Kiev, the middle Dnieper, from Kiev to Zaporozhye, and the lower Dnieper, from Zaporozhye to the river mouth. Enjoy the cruise “Ukrainian waterways” sailing through magical Slavic hinterlands and exploring the territory between Kiev and Odessa. The greatness of the water expanses of the Dnieper river makes an amazing and memorable impression.
Ladoga Lake

Lake Ladoga is the largest in Europe. Its area is 18.4 thousand square kilometers. Its depth in the Northern part is from 70 to 200 m, and in the southern part is from 20 to 70 m. The largest length of the lake from North to South is 219 km, and the width is about 80 km.

Many rivers flow into the lake; the largest of them are the Svir, Olonka and Volkhov. Only the Neva flows out of the lake. The Ladoga has about 600 Islands, mostly in the Northern part; the Valaam archipelago is the most famous.

The southern shores of Lake Ladoga are low and boggy, while the northern shores are rocky and steep. Ladoga granite and other types of building stone, which was used in particular during the construction of St. Petersburg, are mined there.

The most intensive navigation is carried out on the southern part of the lake from the Neva River to the Svir River. The Novoladozhsky canal, which is 169 km long, runs along the southern shore of Lake Ladoga. The Channel is used for the passage of river vessels that are not adapted to lake conditions.

Onega Lake

Lake Onega is the second largest in Europe after the Ladoga. Its length is 248 km, the width is 89 km, and the basin area is 9890 square kilometers. Its notable capes are New Nose, Demon Nose, Peter and Paul, Andom and Chapel.

Lake Onega is usually divided into northern and southern parts along the line of Petrozavodsk - the mouth of the Vodla River. In the southern part it consistently (from north to south) contains the Central, Southern and Svir Onego, from which the Svir River flows. In the northern part there are Big and Small Onego, Petrozavodsk Bays.

There are numerous islands between them. Bolshoi Klimetsky with an area of almost 150 square kilometers and Kizhi Island, which is the pearl of many Russian river cruises, are located there.

The shores of the lake are heavily indented by numerous bays and estuaries of small rivers. Since ancient times, these small rivers have been famous for their river pearls. About 40 rivers flow into Lake Onega, only the river Svir flows out.

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Ships cruising along the rivers of Russia and Ukraine are first-class liners with the latest technology, where you find comfortable accommodation in cabins of various classes, excellent food, a rich entertainment program and fascinating excursions. The important thing for a successful trip is to choose the ship that is going to become your home in the near future, and an interesting route with stops in beautiful cities and colorful villages you like.

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Janet J

Just a very belated note to thank you again for all the work you did to ensure Ralph Magel and I a wonderful trip in April and May of this year. I will not fail to recommend your cruise line to anyone I know who is thinking of taking a trip to Europe. Your generous offer to have us picked up at the airport has left us breathless. Is there someone I can write to (email) to let them know how helpful you have been with Russian Visa matters, because I really believe that without all your help (above and beyond the call of duty) we would not be going to Russia at all? Thank you so very, very much.

A TourRadar Traveller

People are amazed when I tell them about the cruise, the wonderful people and the areas we visited. They are enjoying my pictures also. Thanks again for this cruise !

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